Fine Arts, Music

Art, Instrumental Music, Vocal Music

ART - Mrs. S. Lipere

A brief overview of our curriculum:

To begin the school year, Littleton art students will be exploring basic color theory, art history connection, along with tool sand techniques. We will be applying our new skills with various types of materials. Students will be introduced to mixing colors in multiple mediums and will learn how to apply this knowledge to creating secondary and tertiary colors. Younger art students will be creating landscapes while older art students will focus study on a particular art style.

For the winter months, Littleton art students will be exploring Cultural Design, along with various tools, techniques and art materials. In particular, we will be learning about pattern and print making techniques.

Come spring, Littleton art students will be creating Thematic Self Portraits. In particular, we will be exploring different ways artists draw features of the face. Older art students will be working on 3/4 and profile view portraits while the younger art students will be learning to draw the front view face.


                                             Art Supplies

3 pencils with erasers
1 pink eraser
1 - 11x14 sketchbookBee Painting On Stripes.png
1 pair of scissors (child-sized)                                                                               
1 glue stick
2 black fine point Sharpie markers
1 extra fine point black Sharper marker
1 box of colored pencils (preferably PrismaColor Scholar brand - 24 pack)
1 box of Mr. Sketch broad tip markers (chisel tip)
1 box of 24 pack crayola crayons
 1 box Crayola 16 pack oil pastels (4th and 5th grade ONLY)



Please make sure students come to school with their own smock on the first day of school or by their first class to protect clothing.

Smocks are advised to protect clothing.

General Music & Instrumental Music -
Mrs. Webb



General & Vocal Music -
Ms. Poccia

The Vocal Music program at Littleton Elementary School incorporates the skills needed to be an active listener and active participant in the performing arts. All students enjoy age appropriate creative music activities and repertoire derived from many cultures and musical periods. The students listen, move, sing, act, improvise, compose, play instruments, and perform as they learn about the elements of music, music history and theory, and aesthetics.

In Kindergarten and First grades, the objectives include obtaining knowledge and skills that reinforce the basic elements of music through experience.
Second graders begin to "read" the music map with a music textbook.
Students in Fourth and Fifth grades are part of Chorus in addition to general music class. The focus is on vocal technique, part singing, and performing in a group.
All skills are cumulative and are reinforced through each grade.

The sequential study of music in the elementary grades develops in the student the ability to be a creative and critical thinker. Our students will have the tools to be life-long lovers of music.

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