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Physicals & Medications

All children born on or after January 1, 1997, AND entering the 6th Grade are required to receive one dose of Tdap (Tetanus, Diphtheria, and acellular pertussis) given no earlier than the 10th birthday, as well as one dose of meningococcal containing vaccine (meningitis)such as the medically-preffered meningococcal conjugate vaccine. Anystudent who received the Td booster dose less than five years prior toentry shall not be required to received a Tdap dose until five yearshave elaspsed from the last DTP/DTap or TD dose.

Written proof must be provided to the Brooklawn MiddleSchool Health Office as soon as possible if you did not give thisinformation to your child's elementary school nurse. As per stateguidelines, failure to provide this information no later than the first day of school in September 2012, will excludeyour child from school until vaccines are completed and proofpresented. Any completed physical forms should be completed as well.

Please make copies of the completed forms for yourrecords and submit the original forms to me as soon as possible. If youhave questions, please contact Mrs. Blasi or Brooklawn Nurse (973428-7551). Physicals and immunization obtained after June 15th, should be sent directly to the nurse's office at Brooklawn Middle School!

All students who visit theirprivate doctor during the school year and get updated vaccinationsshould also submit them to the nurse.

For your convenience medication order forms are now available for download on this website.
(As well as in person in the Nurse's Office)
Click on the links below!

All forms must be completed by the Physician and returned to nurse with the medication in a labeled container.
Never send medication with your child!

Please remember that over-the-counter medication require a doctor's order in the state of NJ.


Health Services Handbook

Please review the district guidelines: "When To Keep Your Child Home From School"

Physical Exam 5th Grade Only (for Middle School)

Preparticipation Physical Evaluation

Universal Health Insurance

New Jersey provides universal health insurance to children and affordable options for parents and guardians…(Davy, 9/08).
Please click link below for information for NJ Family Care

MANAGEMENT: Head lice information for parents:

Head lice (pediculosis) infestation is commonin the United States among children 3 – 12 years of age. Head lice arenot a health hazard and are not responsible for the spread of anydisease. The most common symptom of lice infestation is itching. If younotice your child scratching his or her head often, especially behindthe ears or at the nape of the neck, check for lice. Also, do frequentchecks when you know of a lice outbreak in your child’s school.

Please see the instructions for treatment of head lice. You may also refer to the Classroom Lice Notifications that are sent home with your child for treatment instructions during a lice outbreak in school.

Please visit the following websites for additional information regarding treatment of head lice infestation.

NJ Department of Health Bed Bug Resources:

Guidelines for Use of Steri-Fab or Microban for Sanitizing/Disinfecting Mattresses, Bedding and/or Upholstered Furniture  (PDF 13K)

·         Bed Bug Control for Homes (PDF 18K)

·         Bed Bug Fact Sheet  (PDF 169K)

·         Bed Bug Inspections and Remediation  (March 2010) (PDF 42K)

Let's work together to have a healthy, safe and happy school year!

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